Practice makes perfect. The simple slogan is also a harsh truth.


Its one thing to make a robot that can score. It’s an entirely different thing to make a robot that doesn’t fall apart.

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Who are we?

Team 7700 is located at Rolling Robots in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The team started competing in VEX Robotics Competitions in 2013 with the VEX Tossup challenge. As rookies, the team didn’t perform well during their first few competitions. But eventually became, one of the most successful teams in California for VEX Toss Up. We won awards in the last 17 of our 19 Tournaments in the past 2 years, and have placed in the top 20 at every competition we have participated in those years. As the season progressed, the team began to improve. At the end of the season, the team had won 3 Design Awards, 2 Judges Awards, a Tournament Champion Award, and an Excellence Award at regional competitions, a Design Award at the California State Championship, and a Teamwork Award at the VEX World Championships in Anaheim. We are currently the holder of the excellence award presented to us during the 2014/2015 Vex skyrise season. We also won the programming skills finalist award at the world champion ship.

There was much improvement between Tossup and Skyrise. After the VEX World Championships(Toss-Up), Team 7700 received several new members and began to focus even more on the engineering design process. Before it was even built, the entire plan for our Skyrise robot was CADed in Autodesk Inventor. From the beginning of the season until now, the team has won 3 Judges Awards, 4 Think Awards, a 2 Create Award, a Build Award, 3 Tournament Champion Award, and 3 Excellence Awards as well as a driver skills champion and 2 programming skills champion awards. The team hopes to keep improving throughout the next season.






Robots Built this Season:


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Awards Won

Our Values

Hands-On Experience to Team 7700 means involving the engineering process with everything we do. The experiences we create provide our team members with backgrounds in fields such as mechanical, electrical, programming, management, finance, communication, drafting, and graphic design. These skills allow our alumni to go into the workforce with real-world experiences on top of their high school educations.

Commitment at 7700 means much more than just showing up to every meeting. Commitment to our team means coming to meetings with a good attitude and ready to get work done. Spending 1000+ hours together, our team really becomes a family over the course of a season. The relationships we forge can easily last a lifetime providing a network for everyone to pull from enriching all of our lives.