7700J is the Palos Verdes IQ Team, who made it to state last year and has won both excellence and design this year. Team 7700B will be helping the IQ team with their design and strategy. One of their main team members, Ryan, who is at the age of ten, looks up to the 7700B team and hopes to have the chance to teach other children when he is their age. To quote him, “Team 7700B is extraordinary, and I hope to be like them when I grow up, and to teach children my age about robotics when I am their age”. Team 7700J, like 7700B, has qualified for state two years in a row. Every week, Team 7700J works with 7700B to create a community that teaches both teams, 7700J learning how to build and design, and 7700B learns how to deal with children, a skill that will help them throughout their lives.