About Us

About Us

Team 7700 is not your average VEX team. Team 7700 is consisted of members varying from over 20 different schools, who all come together through our combined passion of robotics. At Rolling Robots, our core values are not necessarily to win but rather strive to be our best and commit every ounce of our passion towards that goal and most importantly have fun while doing so. Although VEX Robotics has been a wonderful competition that got us on our feet, the ultimate  goal of Rolling Robots is to open the door for any student interested in the subject and give them the opportunity to give robotics a go, providing them with a platform to develop and pursue those interests.

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Our Teams


Team 7700B is a middle school team based in Palos Verdes Estates California, and has made three world championships appearances.  7700B is the very first Rolling Robots VRC team, founded during the 2013-2014 VEX tossup season. In their second year of vex, team 7700B won the excellence award at the Vex Robotics World Championships. In their first three years, team 7700B has consecutively won the design award at the Vex California State Championships, making them a strong team.


Team 7700R is one of the two rolling robots high school teams based in Palos Verdes Estates California. Team 7700R was founded early on in the 2013-2014 VEX Toss Up Season. Team 7700R makes strong appearances at the state and world championships, winning the 2016 California State Championships, placing tenth in the robot skills rankings at the 2017 world championships, and ranking 5th alliance in the 2017 round robin. 7700R members have partnered with team 62 and 6007 to help create the Robot in 3 days from the 2016 and 2017 seasons.


Team 7700S is the second of our two high school vex teams based in Palos Verdes Estates California. Team 7700S was founded in the VEX starstruck season, making a worlds appearance in its rookie year. Even more, team 7700S ranked fourth in qualifications at the world championships, making it all the way to the quarterfinals.


Team 7700X is an all girls middle school team from Palos Verdes Estates California.  Team 7700X was founded during the VEX nothing but net season, with two state championship appearances. Team 7700X is also the only 7700 team to recieve an energy award.

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